How To Get Anything You Want

There really is no such thing as an end universally speaking. Our multiiverse has no beginning nor ending. I’m referring to energy and assume you understand everything is energy. We use the word end to approximate our position with respect to a human linear calendar. Our time is relative to where we are. I also assume you realize time is an illusion.

The concept of end thinking is what we use to describe “thinking you have exactly what you want.” Here we use the word “end” only for therapeutic purposes. It goes like this. Instead of thinking about problems, use your energy to imagine you have exactly what you want. Make the imagery vivid in your mind. It is a scientific proven fact that your thoughts create sub-atomic particles in the multiverse. Laboratory experiments reveal the existence of what is known as "superposition state." Negative and positive exist together. The human mind has the perogative and makes the selection sometimes exclusively through subconscious electromagnetic encounter

We consider visualization. End thinking may be a generic concept whereby visualization gets into details. You can go as far as smelling what you want. The more details, the better.

Most of us think of problems all the time. Here’s something new. I say new for this current pop culture. Think end thinking all the time. Walk around thinking and acting like you all ready have what you want.

The mathematical principle behind end thinking is this. The energy used in your thought direction creates a resonance complete with magnetism. Cultivate that thought and the magnetism is simultaneously advanced. It’s similar to a pebble thrown into a still body of water. A wave develops and spreads. The wave creates a foam or tide effect on the shore. Imagine and it is. This has been scientifically proven. Thoughts develop in what scientists call the “quantum state.”

Don’t think about the beginning. Think of the “end.” You know the end of the rainbow. Your ability visualize is directly proportionate to how you GET ANYTHING YOU WANT.

I know it may be crazy difficult depending upon were you come from. If you’re from a stressed environment, it may be really hard. I know some culture centers constantly around adversity. Some religious doctrine subliminally worships death and disguise it as a blessing.

Not to get off track but, some religions say you can not experience heaven until you die. That’s a classic example of a false belief. They drill this into the subconscious of childred. In other words, that particular religion is promoting and suggesting that we die. It’s plain and simple how ever some of us don’t catch the hook, because the smoke screen is a literally song and dance. They pass around crackers and whine. Each religion has their own special way of controlling people. Please stop and take a look at this. How can anyone control their manifestation when they are participating in illusive doctrine that makes one want to die? 00PS It’s stupid simple but some folk don’t want to see other wise.

Forget your worrys. You certainly don’t have to die before you can experience so-called heaven. Kick all that mad crazy superstition out the window. Utilize “end thinking.” You’re already where you want to be. What you want has arrived.

Here’s something you may or may not believe in addition to your wish already existing in “quantum state.” Science has proven that we are living in a “hologram.” Everything is simply information on frequency. Our feelings are holographic frequency. We’re talking billions and over trillions of subatomic particles vibrating at various speeds. The vibrations are not visible to the naked eye. The speed is so fast that the naked eye can not detect it. It is visable under laboratory conditions. Understanding this should bring you to a better knowledge of infinite human dominion and our possibilities. You should know that the human mind effects atoms in the universe. Well…by now you should at least vaguely understand thinking. The so-called happy ending effects physical reality.

Be and it is! That’s the way you can make it happen. That’s the happy ending all the time. It makes sense because why not have energy serve you? Why allow energy to control you? I would assume you're not lazy. Reality is up to you. Either you is… or you ain’t.

I reflect upon what one of my favorite famous prize fighting boxer allegedly said “Either you is or you Ain’t.” By the way, the person who said that’s nick name is “Money Man Mayweather.” He’s in my opinion an prime example of positive thinking. Money is no problem. Train yourself. Don’t waste time with worry. Use your energy wisely. Think in a way that serves you, because you can’t help no one until you first help your self. F#CK obsticles. Continue to study.


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